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A masters thoughts on fly fishing.

Haakon Roe got first place in the Norwegian Fly Fishing Competition 2021. To celebrate, we asked him few questions. 1. When is it season for fly fishing? You can fly fish all year round, but the season is most popular from mid-May to September but varying from where you are in the country. Personally, I […]

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Remember this on you next fishing adventure.

When you are traveling there’s always some essential things we need. Here is a list so that next time you feel adventurous you know what to pack! Book you adventure early. Best for you and best for the travel agency. Always bring a flyfishing or fishing rod. Keep an open mind. Learn Common phrases of […]

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Norway’s most beautiful valley.

You might wonder why you should go and visit Skurdalen? Let us tell you a story that might tickle your interest and engage your heart. Skurdalen is idyllically located by Skurdalsfjorden, surrounded by pine and birch trees. Unlike other valleys, Skurdalen is known as Norway’s most beautiful (This of course if you ask the legends […]

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