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Youfishnorway is a modern travel agency that provides authentic fishing experiences to people all over the world. With our local expertise, hosts, sustainable approach and digital technology we seek and work to give you a smooth and transcendent travel experience. We love travel by any sort, but we especially fancy the combination of outdoor recreation and luxury. We also want to inspire the industry to create, take action and preserve the environment. In this we mean that innovation and businesses must work with nature, so that the world tourism can grow sustainable and have strong healthy bones to carry the next generations to come.  We always want to show the joy that fishing has to offer, even if it’s just for one day. Team Youfishnorway, our host, partners and local experts have so much to show you.



With seamless digital interactivity, we will create valuable, beautiful and memorable fishing experiences. We will address the local and national fishing culture, mix it with new knowledge and expertise so that interest and value creation locally, nationally and internationally can be maintained. Important and precious resources must be safeguarded and managed so that we can show and experience the diversity and mysterious world for the next generations to come.

For me a fisherman is a combination of practical and theoretical skills, experience, understanding of nature, responsibilities and outdoor recreation. With this in mind, it`s important for us as a business to grow without increasing our footprint and always use solutions that has a positive impact on the world.


Haakon Roe

Free from waste

This symbols our work for a cleaner world. So to help out, we encourage everyone to be good examples and pick up waste when fishing or using nature.

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Haakon Roe


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