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This region is like no other, with diverse landscapes and ancient culture. With its rich salt and freshwaters and temperate climate it provides unique fly fishing opportunities and a diversity of species. Youfishnorway has partners situated in all corners of this region. There’s a wide range of pelagic and inshore species to chase in the salt like Coalfish, Cod, Mackrell, Pollack, Whiting, Wrasse. That’s not even considering the freshwater species. We are pleased to partner with trusted guides and lodges and bring the best advice and itineraries to our anglers and their families. Whether it is a hosted liveaboard option, a day trip or an all-inclusive lodge we have options to suit. In addition, we can also recommend a multitude of non-angling activities. We can suggest wining and dining options to swimming with whales and other sight-seeing activities.

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A masters thoughts on fly fishing.

Haakon Roe got first place in the Norwegian Fly Fishing Competition 2021, we asked him few questions. 1. When is it season for fly fishing? You can fly fish all year round, but the season is most popular from mid-May to September ...