Møre og Romsdal offers some of the finest fishing opportunities Norway. Either you want to go deep sea fishing for Atlantic cod, halibut, pollock. hunt for the legendary Atlantic salmon or the sea trout. If you are a bit more adventures and rather want to take a hike, a trip up in the mountains you will find hundreds and hundreds of small and medium sized lakes and rivers that house brown trout of all sizes. It goes without saying that this area of Norway is where the fun starts if you like it a bit rough, both weather wise and fishing wise. The landscape changes from naked rocks by the North Sea, tall mountains that dive into deep fjords and green forests with crystal clear rivers and lakes, just with a ten-minute drive between them. The rich landscape and fresh waters gives it’s habitants a good resource for good food and growth, and it is a perfect place to visit for all anglers, either you like fly fishing in small lakes, or angling in the sea. One of our personal favorites is fly fishing for larger fish that you usually will catch with a traditional “Reel & Lure” systems, either from a boat or from shore. The possibilities are endless, and we can tailor your trip to your likings. Like all other northern areas that lies by the ocean, the weather can get a bit rough, but there is a saying that we gladly can confirm, and that is that the fish will bite if it’s hungry, so we will never let the weather stop us from a great experience.

Fishing season starts in late winter/early spring, which usually is late March/first weeks of April, up until late October/early November. Nonetheless. If the weather is good, there is always a spot or two worth visiting. We have mentioned the weather a couple of times already, and it is not bad at all if you bring good clothing. Due to the Gulf Stream, we rarely experience freezing cold winters or super-hot summers, which also keeps the fish active longer than in other areas of Norway. Our trick to proper clothing is layers of light clothes that can make you maneuver properly and dress up and down as needed. In other words, and if you have the stamina for it, you could start out early in the morning dusk on a boat fishing for the night predators like sea trout, pollocks, cod and mackerel, hit a nice little river for salmon mid-day, and then walk up to one of our thousands mountain lakes fishing for trout in the evening, combining it with camp fire, grilled trout and a night under low hanging stars with a view that goes for miles and miles.