You might wonder why you should go and visit Skurdalen? Let us tell you a story that might tickle your interest and engage your heart. Skurdalen is idyllically located by Skurdalsfjorden, surrounded by pine and birch trees. Unlike other valleys, Skurdalen is known as Norway’s most beautiful. This of course if you ask the legends who grew up here. Skurdalen has everything you want. When that’s said you might think you must be a fishing enthusiast or an outdoor person to enjoy your stay, but that’s not the case. With just a 10 minute drive you find Geilo Mountain Village, so if you like shopping, restaurants, cafes and so-forth, we will happily drive you to the city centre.

Her the peaks are not steep and dangerous, but rather long and soft, making it an easy terrain for hiking and suitable for all ages. There has been farming and other industries in the past her, but today only 400 people live in Skurdalen, so things move in a slow pace and the nature is well taken care of. There are no shops here, just friendly locals who can provide you with locally harvested products all year round. One of the farms we work with is owned by a wonderful lady or in other therms a real “Skurdaling” who have some pretty good skills. Born and raised by nature she has a great passion for locally produced ingredients. You can tell by the trophies she has won by making one of Noway’s best brown goat cheese which you will of course have the pleasure of tasting. You can say that Skurdalen is quite small, but from the bottom of the valley there are roads and trails that can take you far far into the wild. Many people start their trip here, and so should you! The old saying is true, «Skurdalen, the gate to Hardangervidda». Hardangervidda is the largest mountain plateau of its kind in Europe, with rich mountain fauna and fresh clean air. For those who like their hiking shoes, Hardangervidda is close by and a wonderful place to explore.

Sunset in Skurdalen. Photo: Haakon Roe

Other than that, you have hundreds of waters with wild fish and vast landscape where you may catch a glimpse of wild nordic animals like reindeer, moose and mountain fox.

We cant wait to show you how it feels to be here. With the variety of activities and cabins we provide, we hope you find something that’s tempting, so that your next trip, and perhaps even the one after that, is here with us and the rest of Skurdalen.