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Just two hours north of Oslo you have the famous river Rena which is known for outstanding trout & grayling fishing. In this river youfishnorway offer premium accommodations, rentals & guided fishing trips with our partners. The Fishcamp up at deset is very popular by anglers from all over the world and has become a symbol of the river. The camp has modern apartments and everything you need for a pleasant stay. You can also enjoy the social life around the camp. Its outdoor facilities are great and if you cherish a cold beer after a long day at the river the pub is always open. If you need equipment or need to refill the essentials the camp has a classic American fly shop that’s worth a visit. They can assist any skill level when it comes to fly fishing and learning new techniques from beginners to skilled anglers we can provide a great experience no matter what the skill level. Also if they are very skilled Anglers I don’t need a guide we are happy to just roll the boat for them all day and provide company and a helping hand while netting a bigger fish. We look forward to providing a great experience and fun adventure for anyone that would like to join us here at the Rena Fishcamp.

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