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Drift boat fishing river Rena.

Rena, Innlandet
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Daily Tour

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2 people


English, Norwegian


Drift boat fishing is something very special. This quote new way of fishing and exploring rivers has become quite popular the last couple of years and Rena is the best place to do this.  Highly effective and really fun. Drift boat is not a new way of fly fishing. It has been practiced for a long time world wide, but hasn’t got the reputation it deserves her in Norway. This way of fishing has lett anglers explore larger areas and fishing spots and its a super effective way of fly fishing. It has taken many anglers to the next level of understanding and practicing fishing. Rena is perfect for this kind of fishing. With its steady current  you can fish over large areas and get close to fish. There are several techniques to dive into and our guides have extensive experience in practicing them. We really recommend this fishing, it will expand your horizon and you definitely get new perspective that will make you a better fly fisher.

The Rena River is known throughout the world as an outstanding Grayling river, but also their unique population of very large brown trout and white fish. Its is located just two hours north of Oslo. Here you will experience first hand Grayling fishing and why that is. The Grayling get very large due to the abundance of food available year round so if you are looking for that trophy Grayling, look no further. When i comes to the brown trout the river holds a healthy population. These trout have a very unique copper and gold color and can be extremely fun to catch given how aggressive they are.

Anywhere you go fly fishing can be difficult at times and without control of weather, flows, fish, and hatches you have to be ready to stick it out and make the best of the trip when things are not going well. Fly fishing takes patience and skill and a little bit of luck and as the saying goes, don’t let fishing get in the way of fishing. It’s not always about the fish but the process of fishing, the river and setting up your tackle, standing in the water and listening and observing nature.

One of our guides in John Bond who know lives in Norway is no stranger to guiding, and he has been doing just that on some of the most infamous rivers of Montana, USA. Living and guiding in Montana for the past 10 years John has become known for his incredible passion for all things fly fishing, especially when it comes to large trout. Dry flies, nymphs or streamers, john will work with you and share his years of guiding and techniques to take you to that next level of angling.


  • Drift boat fishing.
  • Guided trip.
  • Experience Rena and it`s fishing opportunities.
  • Catch guarantee….almost!.


Day 1 - Drift boat fishing.
Day 1 - Drift boat fishing.

Drift boat fishing is one of the best ways to fish this river. The boats allows for precise maneuvering and plenty of room for 4 people to have an awesome day on the water.

Target species.
Target species.

Brown Trout, Grayling, Pike.

Free from waste.
Free from waste.

This symbols our work for a cleaner world. So to help out, we encourage everyone to be good examples and pick up waste when fishing or using nature.


  • Personal Guide.
  • Flies.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Privat Boat.
  • Your own captain.
  • Transport.
  • lifejacket.
  • Lunch.
  • Equipment.
  • Fishing license.




The price is for up to 2 anglers, additional charges for additional anglers.




Brown trout

Ideal for

Adventurous Anglers
Solo anglers & friends

Tour's Location

Rena, Innlandet


Are the fish wild/natural in Norway?

In this case we say yes. All fish are 100% wild. Norway is one of the best countries to visit if you want to catch wild fish. When that’s said there are lakes and rivers that have a conservative stocking policy to support the wild population. All our adventures or guided trips is specified if the fish are wild or in some way stock.

Besides lunch, do we have to bring extra food and drinks?

Yes, we recommend that. Fruits, drinks and other snacks is always nice to have.

If the weather is bad do you cancel?

No, we cancel if the weather is very, very bad. We fish regardless of the weather, it's a part of the experience.

Can you teach beginners to fish?

Of course. Normal fishing can be taught very quickly. Fly fishing is a little bit more difficult and takes some practice to learn. If you catch one or to fish on your first day of fly fishing. This should be seen as a great achievement.

Is catching fish guaranteed?

In fishing nothing is guaranteed, but the vast majority of people we guide or design trips for catch fish. The thing we can guarantee is that every trip is something you will truly enjoy and remember for the rest of your life.

Do you teach fishing techniques?

We have an own section of curses where we teach fishing and flyfishing techniques specifically. Otherwise, we integrate this in a natural way when we guide.

What is your season?

We have an own section of curses where we teach fishing and flyfishing techniques specifically. Otherwise, we integrate this in a natural way when we guide.

Should I tip the guide?

We appreciate any tips or gifts, so this is up to you.

What equipment do I need to bring??

We can provide all fishing equipment if needed. Unless otherwise agreed you need outdoor clothes including a wind and waterproof jacket good hiking shoes and sunglasses.

Do we need a fishing license when booking an adventure or guided trip?

No, this is included in almost every services besides anadromous fishing.


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